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Fangli essential oil = high-energy essential oil = small molecule essential oil = essential oil of preferred origin = essential oil for aroma therapist

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Company Introduction

If you can go back in time,

Many people will choose the one that represents the best youth


Corporate vision and philosophy

Based on the big health industry, the integration of eastern and western health regimens (Western essential oils + oriental herbs) X modern technology = scientific research results of great health Technology and inheritance return health to nature The people's yearning for a better life is our goal

Enterprise Honor

1. Chinese consumers' trustworthy brand   2. National authoritative testing products that meet standards   3. Caring companies help poverty alleviation  4. Educational organization alliance enterprises
  5. Member companies of the China Integrity and Goodwill Alliance   6. Member units of the World Famous Brand Association   7. Council Units of the Chinese Biomedical Association   8. Strategic Partners of the Beauty Expo

Production qualification

The production center has passed the EU IS022716 certification and the United States GMPC certification, 100,000-level dust-free purification workshop, 10,000-level laboratory, sterile and fully enclosed, international standardized production, and continuously and steadily provide customers with safe, efficient, healthy and high-quality products.

Production advantage

/Have international and domestic advanced production equipment /Implement intelligent production in many fields /Production environment that meets GMPC standards
/Senior professional production team /Class 100,000 dust-free purification workshop /Class 10,000 dust-free purification laboratory /Central air conditioning system, automatic ozone device /Medical grade ultrapure water system

<12 high-speed production lines

Cooperation brand

Multi-brand alliance operation system, Fangli Pharmaceutical is committed to resource integration, opening up a variety of online and offline sales channels, comprehensive coverage of online micro-e-commerce, offline professional lines and specialty stores, chain stores, constantly introducing the latest technology and developing new products. To ensure that the group has a competitive advantage in the market.

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