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What are the advantages of Fangli cosmetics processing?

source:Aroma Information

Author:Fang Li Pharmaceutical

High-tech enterprise. Hardware advantage

●20 years of rich experience in cosmetics development

● High-tech enterprise

●Guangdong Pharmaceutical University Teaching Base

●EU GMPC 100,000 grade certification

●Alibaba has cooperated with powerful merchants for 20 years, and passed the official in-depth inspection of Alibaba

●It has 2 100,000-level ultra-purification workshops, with a daily output of more than 200,000 bottles

●Has 2 international standard cosmetics research and development laboratories

●Has dozens of domestic and foreign R&D cooperation institutions


Technical advantages

●Have leading R&D and production equipment with new technology content in the industry

●Selling mature formulas in more than 10,000 markets

●Have multiple special certificates and formula invention patents

●Formulations and products can be customized according to customer requirements, support

●Processing services such as sample customization, imitation version customization, etc.


Team Advantage

A strong team with 20 years of rich R&D and planning, and rich international exchanges

Market guidance team: professional guidance on sales channel expansion, market planning, media publicity construction and network promotion

Formula R&D team: can develop exclusive formulas according to customer needs

Design planning team: provide brand planning for free; including: trademark, VI, packaging and other designs; at the same time purchasing packaging materials and logistics warehousing, collection and inspection, and delivery, etc.-station supporting services


Product advantages

●Grasp the market demand and ensure that there are 3 to 5 hot-selling new products on the market every month

●Develop and produce high-quality products and cooperation with the spirit of ingenuity

●Always maintain domestic and foreign cooperation and exchanges, and master the technology trends of the beauty industry; ensure that R&D and production technologies are synchronized with international fashion

●Professional cosmetics investment management consultant team

●Professional cosmetics brand planning and top-level business model design team


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