75 Alcohol Disinfectant Wet Wipes

Our wet wipes are clean and sterilized, daily skin sterilization, mild and do not irritate the skin, antibacterial rate is 99.9%, rapid antibacterial, strict material selection, health and environmental protection
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75% alcohol disinfectant wipes Disposable portable bags clean antibacterial wipes

Antibacterial Car Wipes product information

Disposable Antibacterial Wipes
Hygiene wipes
Whether to pack separately or not
The applicable objects
All the people
Clean, nurse, disinfect
Applicable occasions
Travel, hotel, restaurant, home, kitchen, office, exhibition

Antibacterial Face Wipes

Product characteristics

Antibacterial Screen Wipes are made of soft non-woven, containing 70% 75% medical alcohol. Separate packaging, good sterilization effect, safe and reliable, easy to carry.

Antibacterial Pet Wipes method of use

tear carefully packaging sealing paste, from the paper outlet is wet towel can be used, after use, should be sealed paste, prevent wet towel dry.

Best Antibacterial Wipes product features

safety points with clean care, to kill escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus.

Gym Antibacterial Wipes

Company profile

Guangzhou fang pharmaceutical technology co., LTD. Integrates development, production, sales in a body's modernized enterprise, 17 years of research and development production experience, professional production and sales of various types of health wet wipes, Antibacterial baby wipes, ms makeup wipes, disinfection, cleaning wipes and so on, the products are widely used in aviation, tourism, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries, products are exported to Europe, Asia, South America and other countries, and established long-term customer relationships, deeply customer high praise, welcome customers at home and abroad came to negotiate cooperation, and support OEM OEM!

Natural Antibacterial Wipes


1, being Antibacterial Wipes for one-time use product, shall not be reused.

2.Skin Preparation Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes is insoluble in water. Do not dispose of the toilet as it will cause blockage.

3. Please check whether the package is in good condition before use. If there is any damage, please use it carefully.

4. If there are wounds, redness, diaper rash or other uncomfortable symptoms, please avoid wiping the skin directly.

5. Do not use this product to directly wipe your eyes and mouth.

6. If you feel uncomfortable after use, stop using it immediately.

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