2020 new isolation sunscreen tissue factory direct sales Oct 13 , 2020

  The world is getting more and more crazy. Human beings are getting stronger and stronger. What I want to share with you today is called "sunscreen wipes." It's a trend to be lazy these days, and it's also very troublesome to go out to wipe sunscreen. Things, if you use this sunscreen wipes, everything becomes so convenient again. Everyone who hates sunscreen, just wipe it on your body with a wet wipe to apply sunscreen. It is cool, comfortable and convenient!

  How can wet wipes protect against sunscreen, is this reliable?

  The main reason for the sunscreen of wet wipes is the ingredients on the wipes. The sunscreen wipes are soaked in a sufficient amount of sunscreen lotion, so just rub the wipes on your body to have a sunscreen effect. And wet wipes are easier to carry, and can wipe sweat or something, so you can put it in your own bag in summer, and you can take it out and wipe it a few times when you sweat or get hot. The sunscreen effect is also good.

  The magical sunscreen wipes that cannot be more magical have the following benefits:

  1. Angel with oily skin

  We know that many sunscreens with good sunscreen effects are very greasy, and the refreshing sunscreen wipes make you comfortable sunscreen and avoid the greasy feeling.

  2. Reapplying is super convenient, can wipe sweat and sunscreen

  Everyone knows that after a period of exposure to the sun and sweat, the effect of sunscreen evaporates and must be reapplied, but sunscreen is easy to rub mud, and sunscreen wipes can both wipe sweat and sunscreen.

  3. Men are finally willing to sunscreen

  Men are accustomed to being simple and casual, and often forget about putting on sunscreen. Body beauty sunscreen wipes can be used on the face and body, making sunscreen easy to complete with just one rub. Take out one sheet at a time and wipe the neck, wrists, legs and other areas that need sun protection.

  4. Easy to carry

  The texture is refreshing and slippery! It's so convenient to take it out for a short time. Too lazy to put on sunscreen! ! When you sweat a lot when you go out to play, you can't love it more when it is inconvenient to clean.

  Guangzhou Fangli Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., we have been focusing on all kinds of wet wipes for 12 years. It is a high-tech enterprise with high-standard production workshops and R&D team, providing exclusive customization and OEM processing services. Core products: patented shoe wipes, patented wet toilet paper wipes for butt wipes, patented female private care cleaning wipes, wood pulp dust-free wipes, kitchen wipes, business wipes, baby wipes, etc. The product quality is guaranteed. Welcome new and old friends to call and negotiate business.

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