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Guangzhou Fangli Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is a 17-year-old manufacturer of OEM processing and OEM hand sanitizers for customers, with a complete range of categories. For 17 years, Fangli Pharmaceutical has focused on the optimization and production of three types of products: disinfection, purification and antibacterial. Exquisite technology, one-stop OEM OEM service, on the basis of successfully operating independent brands, we also provide partners with professional disinfection-free hand sanitizer, antibacterial gel, disinfectant production and processing OEM, and promote its brand smoothly To the market, Fangli and other brand line products are sold throughout the country and even Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. It is the superior product quality and meticulous and thoughtful service that continue to this day, which has won the love of consumers for Fangli.

Precautions for using hand sanitizer

1, check the label when buying

The alcohol content of hand sanitizer should exceed 60%, otherwise the sterilization effect is not ideal. Check whether the signs are complete, if there are factory names, factory addresses, etc., pay special attention to whether there is a standard number. In addition, observe whether the packaging is intact, whether the printing on the bottle is clear, and whether the pump head is strong.

Highly Effective Disinfection Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

2. Don’t squeeze too much at once

Under normal circumstances, each time you use a penny hard i-coin the size of one drop, it is enough to wash your hands. Since the hand sanitizer can only kill the bacteria in the contact area, the gap between the fingers cannot be let go. Many people are afraid that hand sanitizer will not be cleaned, so they put a lot of hand sanitizer on their hands, rub them vigorously when washing, clean the hand sanitizer manufacturer, and use it repeatedly and frequently. In fact, this kind of deep cleansing will damage the skin, making it not only unable to retain moisture, but also easier for germs to invade.

3, knead for 30 seconds

Rub hands quickly for 30 seconds to ensure that the hand sanitizer penetrates into the surface of the skin. Do not touch anything before your hands are completely dry. In addition, if your hands air dry within 10 to 15 seconds, it means that the water and hand sanitizer have not penetrated deep enough, and the dirty things have not been completely washed off. You need to add more hand sanitizer.

4, apply some hand cream after washing

During the dry season, the frequent use of hand sanitizer will make the skin dry and peeling. The price of hand sanitizer manufacturers can more easily lead to infection and bacterial invasion. You can apply a moisturizing hand cream or choose a hand sanitizer containing aloe moisturizing ingredients.

5. Stand by at any time

put a small bottle of hand sanitizer in the bag, in the car and in the office. Whenever you come into contact with items with more bacteria, such as door handles, remember to wash your hands. When washing hands in public places, it is better to first check whether the hand sanitizer is very new. If it is covered with dust and dirt, it is probably not as good as not using it.

6. Can't replace soap

If the hands are obviously dirty or the wound is bleeding, soap is better than hand sanitizer. Contact with people suffering from diarrhea, soap can also kill most pathogenic bacteria. In short, hand sanitizer cannot be used as a substitute for soap.

Product Usage

Suitable for children or adults going out or going to work or school. Can be carried with you. It can be directly taken out and applied to the fingers and other parts of the hand. Three seconds to absorb. You don't need to rinse with water after use, you can rinse again, either. Contains ethanol, which has a cleaning and antibacterial effect. Glycerin and vitamin e play a role in moisturizing and moisturizing. Avoid not drying your hands after washing your hands.

Antibacterial and antibacterial hand sanitizer processing plan:

1, [OEM] can be processed with your brand.

2, [Imitation] can be processed according to your samples.

3, 【Formulation processing】I can process according to your formula.4, [Filling] You can use your outer packaging, according to your requirements, I will fill and process.

5. [One-stop] LOGO design, packaging design, packaging procurement, product customization, production and processing, and delivery.

6, [Others] We can find packaging materials for your requirements, print packaging boxes, instructions and labels to design and order.

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