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Hand sanitizer, the main ingredient is a variety of surfactants and multifunctional additives, which can play a function of cleansing hands. Its cleaning and sterilization ability is equivalent to soap, and it can moisturize hand skin better than soap. The push-type pump head can prevent cross-infection better than soap.

hand sanitizers can currently be divided into two categories. One type is ordinary hand sanitizer, which can effectively clean the hands. If it contains special ingredients, it has the effect of antibacterial and sterilization. The other type is heavy oil hand sanitizer, which can effectively remove industrial oil stains or stubborn stains, such as engine oil, gasoline, diesel, butter, etc.

Different hand sanitizers differ in their packaging. Ordinary hand sanitizers are generally "quasi-font size", while hand sanitizers that can be disinfected are all "elimination font size". Hand sanitizer generally does not contain phosphorus, aluminum, alkali, sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate and other ingredients. Based on cleansing and decontamination, it adopts a more gentle principle, which is more acceptable to the skin and reduces damage to the skin.

disposable antibacterial hand sanitizer

Disposable hand sanitizer effect:

Gentle cleansing formula gently removes dirt and oil from hands, leaving hands fresh and clean. Contains rose extract, which nourishes and lubricates hands while cleansing hands. The foam is rich and easy to rinse. The warm and romantic rose fragrance helps to remove the peculiar smell on the hands; hygienic pump head, isolates external pollution and prevents indirect transmission; does not contain soap ingredients, Suitable for the whole family to use every day.

How to use disposable antibacterial hand sanitizer:

Rotate the pump head in the direction of the arrow on the top of the pump until the pump head pops out, press the pump head lightly, and take 2-3 drops of hand sanitizer in your hand, gently rub the foam and rinse with water.

How to preserve disposable gel:Store in a dry place indoors, avoid sunlight.

Water-free hand sanitizer matters needing attention:

Is only suitable for external use, please keep it out of reach of children. Do not use on areas with symptoms such as wounds, swelling, eczema, macula, and abnormal pigmentation. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of accidental contact with eyes, please rinse immediately with water.

Wash your hands frequently, because your hands are easy to come into contact with germs, you should wash them at least 10 times a day, 30 seconds less each time, and use hand sanitizer without washing, which is helpful for hygiene. Especially at the following moments, remember to wash your hands.

*After sneezing, coughing, blowing nose

*Before touching the eyes, nose and mouth

*after entering the toilet

*after returning home from the outdoors

*After touching public facilities (handrails, door handles, telephones, etc.)

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