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Adhering to the business philosophy of "natural, uniform, innovative and effective", Guangzhou Fangli essential oil extracts raw materials with pharmaceutical technology (plant extraction method) to improve the safety and efficacy of each product, with excellent quality, which is widely used in the food and beauty care industry. The company factory has specialized essential oil factory, skin care factory and OEM OEM technical team and planning personnel, advanced equipment, exquisite technology, design concept fashion, after years of practice accumulated more than 2000 kinds of mature formula, can meet the needs of businessmen serialization and personalized, can provide a full range of one-stop comprehensive service.

Chamomile essential oil
Chamomile essential oil works

Body care
On the nervous system, treating pain (e.g., migraines, earaches, toothaches) or hysterical symptoms works well. It also improves bloating, digestion, stomach ulcers, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. In addition, can also improve arthritis, tendon sprain, is a good muscle and muscle massage oil, suitable for after exercise care. Chamomile is also suitable for women's diseases, such as: vaginitis, vaginal itching, too little blood, menstrual pain, irregular menstrual symptoms.

Skin maintains

For the treatment of facial scar, scar rash, ringworm related skin diseases have a good effect, it is recommended to use sensitive skin. Also apply to eye care, such as: improve eye fine lines.

Fangli essential oil raw materials to external undertake to provide OEM, ODM one-stop service, including key customer service department, customer development department, customer service department. The business scope is from product research and development → formula design → sample production → production of finished products, receiving samples, formula production, demand customization, etc. Customers throughout the major provinces and cities, has more than 500.

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