Chinese medicine health mud moxibustion Jul 27 , 2020

In the long history of traditional health preservation for thousands of years, mud moxibustion, as a cultural phenomenon, has not only formed the system of health preservation ideas, but also accumulated a set of practical and at the same time full of ancient people's wisdom and wisdom of practice methods, which became one of the most important methods to prolong life and prevent and treat diseases in ancient China.

Three traditional Chinese medicine treasures: "medicinal materials,mud moxibustion,a bowl of soup".

Traditional chinese medicine tcm mud moxibustion

In Traditional Chinese medicine there are many health care measures to prolong life, moxibustion is one of the important means. Mud moxibustion is in the motherland traditional moxibustion, plaster on the basis of inheritance and development, innovative development; It is a kind of moxibustion therapy for the purpose of channeling and activating meridional channels and driving away all kinds of diseases through the far infrared radiation and thermal effect of natural rocks and minerals produced by the volcanic energy mud and plaster matrix which contain beneficial minerals to human body.

Mud moxibustion is a treatment method to cure and prevent diseases by burning and ironing mud medicine in specific parts of human body.

Mud composition of moxibustion

Let your body in all directions to strengthen the foundation Yang, warm nourish channels and collaterals, clearing damp spread cold, harmonize qi and blood, relieve pain and dissolve stasis;

Mud moxibustion has a strong flexibility, can be applied to any part of the body, good curative effect, quick effect, with blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, wind and dehumidification of multiple effects;

It can get through the channels and collaterals of the human body quickly, drive the wind-cold and dampness evil from the human body, and achieve the goal of curing the intractable diseases quickly. Safe, no side effects on skin, treat both symptoms and root causes.

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