Cosmetic manufacturers teach you how to choose body lotion Sep 24 , 2020

Body lotion is a cosmetic lotion applied on the body after a bath, which has the effects of hydrating, whitening and moisturizing the whole body. With the maturity and development of technology, body lotion can be subdivided into smooth, sunscreen, slimming, repair and maintenance, and attractive body

The use of body milk can moisturize the skin, supplement the skin with required moisture and nutrients, prevent dryness and dehydration of the skin, and form a protective film on the skin surface to slow down the loss of skin moisture. Nowadays, body lotions have been subdivided into many different types and functions, such as body hydration, body softening, whitening, chicken skin removal, after-sun repair, deodorant and other different functions.

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Fangli cosmetics skin care manufacturer teaches you how to choose body lotion

1. The air is relatively humid in spring and summer, and our body secretes more oil and sweat. The body milk we choose can be a thinner lotion. The body milk of this texture will be lighter and easy to be absorbed. It will stuffy the skin and affect the ventilation, and the moisturizing power is sufficient for most of the spring and summer. In the dry autumn and winter seasons, the air humidity is low, and the skin will be more likely to dry, which will cause skin conditions such as peeling, dry itching, and chapped skin. Therefore, in the autumn and winter seasons, you need to choose a moisturizing body lotion, you can choose a moisturizing type lotion. .

2. For dry skin, it is recommended to choose a body lotion with essential oils. For oily skin, choose a milky body lotion.

3. Babies with dark yellow skin can choose to contain vitamin C ingredients, which can help dilute melanin and brighten the complexion; babies who often need to face the computer or work outdoors have greater anti-oxidation needs, you can choose to contain green tea and grape seeds Body milk with ingredients such as, vitamin E, etc.; it is advisable to choose a body milk with simple ingredients and without too much fragrance and pigment.

4. The skin has sagging, aging, decreased elasticity and other problems, suitable for firming body lotion. Firming body lotion is a slimming lotion that can tighten body skin, reduce fat cells, burn fat and eliminate edema to improve relaxation and cellulite.

5. It is recommended to choose ingredients rich in vitamins and β-hydroxy acid in the product for white skin or rough skin with dry and cracked skin in winter, which can help rebuild collagen in the skin. Many babies do not fully choose body milk according to their skin characteristics, resulting in greatly reduced feelings. If you have a big dry skin, your skin is not dry in summer, or you often stay in an air-conditioned room, then you need a moisturizing body lotion with long-lasting moisturizing power or deep hydrating effect; while for big oil skin, you need to choose light and light The emulsion will not affect the breathability of the skin. Naturally, acne will not come out of stuffiness.

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