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Guangzhou Fangli is a manufacturer specializing in women’s health products. Women’s health has always been an issue that women’s friends attach importance to. It is a factor of family harmony and happiness. Fangli Medicine’s main female products: women’s intimate wet wipes, gynecological gels, etc. Has been OEM OEM processing.

Ladies' nursing wipes are used for cleaning private parts during menstruation, and for daily toilet care. It is suitable for business trips, travel, and postpartum bathing. During women's regular vacations, vaginal bacteria increase, and there is a pungent odor. Wiping the vagina with special wet wipes for women's care can not only clean the vagina, but also effectively inhibit the growth of vaginal bacteria and eliminate the peculiar smell caused by the period.

Women's care wipes effect

1. Clean female genitals. Female genitals tend to breed bacteria due to residual urine. Wet wipes are more thorough than dry wipes. Especially the use of wet wipes with special antiseptic ingredients can avoid the occurrence of gynecological diseases as much as possible.

2. To use it in the toilet, consumers with certain consumption awareness will use it for their children to prevent diaper rash. It is cleaner and refreshing after the same adult use.

3. Use after sex, lazy people not only avoid the pain of bathing, but also ensure cleanliness.

Wash your hands before use, then open the individual packaging, take out the wet wipes, and gently wipe the vulva. Note: Nursing wipes are for external use only. Discard them after use to avoid repeated use.

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