How aromatic essential oils increase popularity index | Fairyaroma.com Jan 28 , 2021

The theoretical basis for aroma therapy and aroma therapy of aromatic essential oils is that smell is the only sensory stimulation in the five sense therapy that can reach the "amygdala" without going through the central nervous system, and the "amygdala" is the brain responsible for processing fear and fear In areas with negative emotions such as anxiety, as long as we are bathed in fragrance, the amygdala helps us deal with negative emotions, which is why fragrance can increase the popularity index.

The aromatherapy of aromatic essential oils can help us to be beautiful from three aspects: body, mind and spirit. We all know that when a person is anxious, upset, and irritable, his complexion is particularly easy to be dull and dull. How can a tired face or tight emotions count on a good complexion? So any way to make the soul feel comfortable is good for beauty. All are helpful.

There are many essential oils that can help us increase the popularity index of beauty, such as rose essential oil, which can add incredible femininity; orange blossom, can make your women's delicate and delicate play to the full; bergamot, sweet orange, these fruit essential oils can help You drive away the dark bad emotions, as if a rainbow on a rainy day brings you surprises; lavender can make you feel quiet and coordinated, and feel the purple pastoral atmosphere; geraniums are as sweet and beautiful as the girl next door; sandalwood makes you quiet and yet Charming.

Of course, essential oils also have different seasons. The temperature in spring is low, but the climate has begun to turn to humid, and the fragrance volatility is low. It is suitable to choose fresh floral or fruity essential oils; the summer is hot and sweaty. The smell must be fresh and volatile. High essential oils, natural plant essential oils are better; the autumn climate is dry and the autumn breeze is cool, suitable for strong aromas with a little spicy plant flavor; in winter, under thick clothing, a strong fragrance is needed to drive away Cold air, sweet floral fragrance and spicy aroma are all good choices.

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