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Baby wipes Features:

1. Food grade raw materials, no fragrance, no alcohol, no allergy, no irritation, healthy, safe, skin-friendly
2. Mild, moisturizing, non-irritating, PH 5.5 weak acid, close to normal infant skin;
3. The formula contains natural plant essence, refreshes and soothes baby's skin while replenishing water evenly;
4. High quality spunlaced non-woven fabric is adopted to make it thicker and softer for the whole family to share.
Applicable scope is applicable for cleaning baby's face, hands, buttocks care, cleaning the surface dirt of buttocks skin when changing diapers, effectively preventing diaper rash, red buttocks, baby sweat in sports, also can be used before and after meals, picnic and camping, etc.

Usage: Open the package and remove the wipes easily. After use, cover the sealant or cover well to prevent moisture from evaporating.

Antibacterial Body Wipes

Matters needing attention
1. Do not apply to eyes, wounds, redness and swelling or eczema. Please stop using if you have uncomfortable symptoms.
2. Please keep it out of reach of infants to avoid accidental ingestion.
3. This wet towel is insoluble in water. Do not put it in the toilet to avoid blockage.
4. Do not place the product in high temperature or direct sunlight.
5. Do not use microwave oven for heating. It can be used with heater to improve comfort in cold winter.

The role of baby wipes has the following points.

1. Moisturize: Baby's skin is often easy to dry, especially in autumn and winter. When cleaning baby dirty hands dirty face, if you use ordinary paper towel or towel, can not play the role of moisturizing, and the general quality of slightly better baby paper towel contains aloe vera and other moisturizing ingredients, can play the role of moisturizing baby skin.

2, small friction: baby's skin is delicate, wet towel texture is relatively soft, and the material used is generally thin cotton or non-woven cloth, so more soft than towel, can reduce the friction damage to the baby's skin.

3. Anti-bacteria: Some baby wipes contain anti-bacteria ingredients, which can effectively inhibit the breeding of bacteria. For the baby who is curious about the world all day, eating randomly, touching randomly and being active, it can certainly reduce the chance of bacterial infection.

Fang Li medicine specializes in processing and selling wet wipes in the 17th century, mainly selling baby wipes, women wipes, small white shoes wipes, isolation wipes, makeup remover wipes, mosquito repellent wipes, etc., the price is affordable, welcome to customize.

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