No-wash antibacterial hand gel Jul 31 , 2020
Guangzhou Fangli Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is a set of reproductive beauty therapy, male and female private care, health care, mid-range cosmetics OEM \ ODM processing, beauty training, traditional culture education as one of the large group, is one of the south China region's few consumer brands, cosmetics brand certificates complete company, has two major production and processing bases; Three major processing production series. The main business of the company is household disinfectant manufacturer, medical disinfectant manufacturer, hand-washing disinfectant manufacturer, non-washing antibacterial liquid manufacturer 84 disinfectant manufacturer, alcohol disinfectant manufacturer and so on. The company regards love as the cultural core, starts from love, inherits the purpose of people-oriented, Thanksgiving all, serves for you! Welcome to inquire.

Hand sanitizer

Here's what hand sanitizers do:

1. Wash hands without water: easy to use and carry; Do not wash, you can clean your hands anytime and anywhere;
2, lasting effect: the effect lasts for a long time, the effect lasts for 4-5 hours, up to 6 hours;
3. Gentle skin care: it can control the oxidative stress level of hands, prevent skin damage and protect hands, nourish and care hand skin.

4. Virus killing and sterilization:

Hand sanitizer can be used in hospitals, individuals, Banks, supermarkets, government offices, enterprises and institutions, theaters, military units, entertainment venues, schools, kindergartens, families, hotels, restaurants, airports, docks, railway stations, tourism and other environments without water and soap for hand sanitizer.

Antibacterial hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer has the following characteristics:

1. Hand sanitizer, various specifications,
2. Instantly kill 99.99% of bacteria
3. No need to flush with water, easy to carry, is the first choice to go out
4. Rich in vitamin E and aloe vera extract, moisturize your hands
5. OEM is supported

Guangzhou Fangli Medical Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in hands-free washing liquid, mud moxibustion, wash care series, face care series, female gel and other products. Welcome customers to call us for consultation and cooperation.

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