OEM manufacturers of natural lavender essential oil Aug 26 , 2020
Lavender is a kind of precious natural perfume plant. The essential oil extracted from its flower ear has a fresh and pleasant aroma and is one of the important natural raw materials in the spice industry.

Morphological characteristics: lavender perennial herbs or small shrub. Leaves alternate, elliptic, apiculate, or needle - shaped, margin inversely curving. Spikes terminal, corolla lower tubular. The whole plant is slightly sweet wood light aroma, because the flowers, leaves and stems of the villi are all hidden oil glands, gently touch the oil glands that burst and release the fragrance.

Guangzhou Fangli Lavender essential oil:

1. Bulgarian field lavender: natural restorative power of high sea

Above 1200 meters above sea level, lavender field is not artificial cultivation, natural growth. They are located in a special altitude, which is more conducive to the absorption of sunlight, rain and dew. They contain far more lipid substances than other varieties, and have good soothing and repairing functions. Wild lavender is sending out the fragrance with unique personality, not very sweet, fragrant lavender fragrance, showing a slight sense of greenness.

2. Adhere to manual picking, do not destroy and do not change, so that the sustainable development of nature

At 4 a.m., farmers go up the mountain and into the ocean of plants to begin picking, a process that must be completed by 7 a.m. to retain moisture in the flowers.

3. Low temperature distillation in the whole process, highly reducing plant essence

Fangli Pharmaceutical innovation advanced distillation technology: "flash moderating", the whole process only in 40℃-80℃ low temperature distillation, high purity preservation of plant essence.
Wholesale lavender

Guangzhou Fangli Medicine Lavender Essential oil Advantages:

1. Natural and organic Bulgarian lavender fresh liquid

2. Smaller molecules that are more easily absorbed and reach the bottom of the muscle

3. The high-frequency energy of love

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