Professional makeup removal wipes manufacturers Sep 12 , 2020

Makeup remover wipes are disposable cleaning and hygiene products to assist makeup remover. They have the basic functions of cleaning and moisturizing skin. Take the non-woven cloth as the carrier, add the essence and other components of makeup remover, and achieve the purpose of makeup remover by wiping.

Wet wipes is strong and soft fiber high permeable base material, made by folding, humidification, packing disposable hygiene supplies, because of its the basic function of cleaning and moisturizing the skin and easy to carry, etc become people daily life indispensable cleansing products, wet wipes, according to the different USES can be divided into different types and discharge makeup wipes is one of them. The wet wipes are made of weak acid makeup remover with soft fiber structure, which can be used to wipe the skin gently.

Makeup wipes are preferred by lazy beauties for their convenience and ease of use. However, it is not all good.

1. Wipes that remove makeup skip the step of flushing with water, but still leave a little dirt on your skin.

2. If active cleansers, high concentrations of dissolving agents, surfactants and emulsifying residues are not thoroughly washed in makeup remover wipes, the skin may be irritated. These residues are particularly irritating to people with dry and sensitive skin. Some alcohol-based wipes can also cause tingling. Special packaging for makeup remover wipes requires adding preservatives to extend their shelf life, so skin can also be exposed to chemicals such as formaldehyde. In addition, we use makeup remover wipes with a wiping action, which creates more friction with the face than with clean water and is more likely to irritate the skin.

Convenient Make-Up Remover Wet Wipes

3. Wipes can be used as an emergency in situations where time is tight or conditions are limited (e.g. travel, camping, gym, etc.). For people with oily or acne-prone skin, it's a must when there's no water. People with eczema and rosacea should avoid using makeup remover wipes to avoid aggravating symptoms due to irritation.

The shelf life of "wipes for women's makeup removal" is generally 3 years. The shelf life of "wipes for ladies' care" is generally 1 year.

Attention to sensuality: qualified wipes have a soft, elegant taste, white texture, no fuzz after use.

Attention to tightness: the package of wipes in bags should be sealed without any damage; Boxed and canned wipes should be packed intact and free from damage. The package is sealed in order to maintain the effectiveness of the antiseptic effect of the wipes. After taking wet wipes, seal strips should be attached immediately to avoid high temperature or direct sunlight, which will cause drying of wet wipes and affect the use effect.

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