Similarities and differences between rose essential oil and rose hydrosol Jan 28 , 2021
Rose oil saturated dew is a kind of pure dew. It is a fresh rose essence extracted by distillation. During the distillation process, hot pressure water vapor is ejected from the jet port of the jet, using the heat of the steam and the collision force of the steam molecules The volatile organic aromatic compounds combined in the cytoplasm are separated from the cellular organic matter, and they are brought to the distillation tower along with the steam, and then to the condenser for condensation. In the traditional sense, the oil that floats on the upper layer after the oil-water separator is the essential oil, and the cooling liquid in the lower layer is pure dew.

Pure dew contains a small amount of essential oils, but also contains many precious parts of flowers that are insoluble in oils. These are generally nutrients that are lacking in essential oils. Therefore, although the characteristics of pure dew are similar to essential oils, they are not exactly the same. The nature of pure dew is very mild. Generally, it can be used directly without dilution, so the scope of application is very wide. For example, flower water can be sprayed indoors as a pure natural indoor air freshener, and inhalation of pure dew steam is a good way to use rose dew.
Absolute Essential Oil

Rose oil saturated dew uses roses directly to make pure dew, and does not extract rose essential oil. The rose oil content in rose oil saturated dew is dozens of times higher than that of ordinary rose pure dew, which is already The solution is saturated, and the rose oil saturated lotion uses the principle of combining steam pressure to dissolve the essential oil in water, so that the rose oil content in the rose oil saturated lotion increases.

Compared with ordinary rose pure dew, rose oil saturated lotion is not colorless and transparent, but a slightly yellow liquid. When using it, it is diluted with pure water in a ratio of 1:2. It may smell pungent and smell at the beginning of use. It is relatively thick, and after dilution, the fragrance of rose is clear.

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