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What does sunscreen do?

Sun protection mainly protects against UVA and UVB rays. Preventing UV rays from damaging our skin is also the most important meaning of sunscreen.

1. UVA: also known as "age UV", it has the characteristics of accumulation and strong penetration. Will act on the skin for a long time, accelerate the aging of the skin. UVA will age you.

2. UVB: Facing UVB for a long time can make the skin dark and produce color spots and other problems. In serious cases, it can also burn the epidermis, causing problems like redness or sunburn. UVB rays will tan you.

Sunscreen With Whitening Effect

How to use sunscreen?
1. Clean your skin before use

Before using sunscreen, clean your skin to avoid clogged pores. Because at ordinary times can have female much schoolgirl carry sunblock, go out period of time can fill besmear, actually this can cause a lot of skin problem. Avoiding these problems can be as simple as choosing a product that lasts longer.

2, moisturizing work can not be less

After cleansing your face, don't apply sunscreen, even if it has a good moisturizing effect. Moisturize on a daily basis to keep your skin hydrated and to make sunscreen more effective.

3. Remember to remove makeup at night

Daub sunblock to come back in the evening is to must discharge makeup seriously, because at present mostly sunblock is waterproof, do not do discharge makeup work well, may cause cleaning is not in place, so the residue is easy to plug pores, cause acne, acne.

How to Use sunscreen Correctly: Is it important to choose the right product

Learn to sunscreen correct method of use is not enough, choose suitable to use products is also very important, fang, guangzhou pharmaceutical technology co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer of cosmetics, 17 years for market supply mask, sunscreens, cosmetics, skin care products, etc. Series of products, waste their frost prevention at present are exported to all over the world, provide large quantities of wholesale
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