Which manufacturer of deep moisturizing lotion is better? Sep 24 , 2020

Everyone hopes that they have a good skin, especially girls who want to make their skin better. When the winter arrives every year, the skin of the body will be drier than that of the face. This is because the usual care is not enough. When it comes to body care, most people just use body lotion after taking a shower, and some people even don't use it, which makes the skin dry. In winter, body skin becomes drier due to low air humidity and friction from heavy clothes, and various problems such as itching, roughness, and dandruff emerge endlessly. Which moisturizing lotion manufacturer is better, let’s look at:

Whitening Deep Hydration Body Lotion

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Body Whitening Body Lotion

Selection of moisturizer

The choice of lotion is also very important. Pour the lotion into your hand and add an appropriate amount of water. If the lotion is easy to mix with water, it means it is easy to wash, the texture of the lotion is soft, and it will not harm the skin.

(1) It can make general dry skin soft and smooth, and has the function of regulating moisture.

(2) The emulsion has good fluidity and stability at room temperature and can be analyzed without water.

(3) No sticky feeling, no influence on sweat excretion.

(4) Under the microscope, the particles are round and evenly distributed, and most of the particles are 2-4 microns in diameter.

(5) The aroma is pleasant, the color is white, and there is no irritation and allergy to human skin.
How to use moisturizer

Precautions for using lotion

(1) Some people are allergic to the ingredients and should be used with caution.

(2) Most lotions have the effect of adding hormones to aging skin. Natural beauty is true beauty.

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