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Guangzhou Fangli Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-quality supplier dealing in essential oil raw materials, imported fats, and imported raw materials. It has been focusing on essential oil processing for decades. It is mainly engaged in the wholesale of essential oil raw materials, mainly engaged in pure essential oil, compound essential oil wholesale, and herbal oil wholesale Production, wholesale of compound conditioning oil, wholesale of base oil, body massage essential oil, five element essential oil, solid essential oil processing, pure dew flower water, essential oil mask, essential oil emulsion, essential oil cream and other processing.

Fangli has been cooperating with well-known raw material manufacturers in Australia, Italy, Britain, Argentina, and Bulgaria for many years, with outstanding product advantages and genuine products at a reasonable price. Sincerely provide you with the most professional and excellent service platform. Obtain the world's advanced skin care technology and technical formula, and conduct investigations and demonstrations. Year-round research and development team overseas study and examination, make the company's product research and development in the leading ranks. At present, there is a team of four people as the core, which mainly completes the design of product efficacy and formula requirements of merchants all over the country.

Guangzhou Fangli body massage heating essential oil can relieve pain in the joints, shoulders, necks, lumbar spine and body aches in one time. Hertz gold liquid Shujin Tongluo ointment is handed down in Chinese medicine combined with modern high-end technology and uses energy technology to extract more than ten precious Chinese herbal essences. As a heat source mediator, ginger penetrates into the meridians and bones through the skin, opens up microcirculation, solves pain and blockage, and achieves the effects of dispelling cold and dampness, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, clearing tendons and collaterals, reducing swelling and pain.

Essential oil OEM:
Single Essential Oil OEM, Compound Essential Oil OEM, Aromatherapy Essential Oil OEM, Solid Essential Oil OEM, Plant Herbal Oil Series, Essential Oil Set Series, Traditional Chinese Medicine Oil Series
Mass OEM processing customization, OEM production.

Guangzhou Fangli Essential Oil adheres to the business philosophy of "Natural, Uniform, Innovative and Effective", and uses pharmaceutical technology (plant extraction method) to refine raw materials to improve the safety and efficacy of each product. It is of high quality and is used in food, beauty and skin care products. Widely adopted by the industry. The company's factory has a professional essential oil factory, skin care product factory and OEM foundry technical team and planners, advanced equipment, sophisticated technology, and fashionable design concepts. After years of practice, it has accumulated more than 2,000 mature formulas, which can meet the serialization and personalization of merchants. It can provide all-round one-stop integrated services.
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