Can essential oil manufacturers tell you that essential oils can be used directly? Apr 24, 2021
Guangzhou Fangli Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-quality supplier dealing in essential oil raw materials, imported fats, and imported raw materials. It has focused on essential oil processing for decades. It is mainly engaged in the wholesale of essential oil raw materials, mainly engaged in pure essential oil, compound essential oil wholesale, and herbal oil wholesale Production, wholesale of compound conditioning oil, wholesale of base oil, body massage essential oil, five element essential oil, solid essential oil processing, pure dew flower water, essential oil facial mask, essential oil emulsion, essential oil cream and other processing.

Fangli essential oil manufacturer has always been committed to the production of beauty, beauty and body care. It has R&D personnel and a professional team. It uses high-quality raw materials (high-quality raw materials at home and abroad) to maintain close cooperation with several well-known companies.

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Guangzhou Fangli essential oil oem manufacturer tells you that essential oils can be used directly?

Essential oils can be directly applied to the skin with a few essential oils, such as lavender essential oil, tea tree essential oil, etc., just apply 1 drop at a time to the skin. It must be diluted when used in large quantities. For example, use these essential oils to prevent mosquito bites, treat acne, and remove acne marks.

If you are used to dripping essential oils on paper towels or handkerchiefs, then the amount of essential oils at one time is 1-2 drops.

Recommended formula:

①Improve motion sickness: 2 drops of peppermint essential oil, drip on paper towels to sniff.

②Relieve colds: 1 drop of Eucalyptus essential oil + 1 drop of tea tree essential oil, drop it on a paper towel and sniff.

Guangzhou Fangli Essential Oil adheres to the business philosophy of "Natural, Uniform, Innovative and Effective"

Fangli uses (plant extraction method) to refine raw materials to improve the safety and efficacy of each product. It is of high quality and is widely used in the food, beauty and skin care industries. The company's factory has essential oil manufacturers, skin care products factories and OEM foundry technical teams and planners, advanced equipment, sophisticated technology, and fashionable design concepts. After years of practice, it has accumulated more than 2,000 mature formulas, which can meet the needs of merchants for serialization and customization. Can provide all-round one-stop integrated services. It has long-term and stable cooperation with well-known manufacturers such as ULLR and CHEMOLE abroad, and has cooperation bases in many places in China (Shandong, Yunnan, Xinjiang, etc.).

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