Essential Oil For Body Massage

Body massage oil can accelerate metabolism, relieve fatigue and promote circulation!
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Essential Oil For Body Massage

Health care box heating massage oil body box

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Nursing parts

MassageOil Performance:

It can relieve meridian and collaterals, expel toxin, accelerate metabolism, relieve fatigue and promote circulation.

Selling point advantage: small molecule, superosmosis, scientific formula, reasonable ratio, easy absorption, no residue, more efficient.

Massage And Body Oil

Body Massage Oil Massage methods

1. Sliding and stroking: This should be the most useful technique in essential oil massage. It refers to a series of gentle sliding and soothing movements, which can make essential oil penetrate into the body and make the whole body relax and calm. When massaging, please use the whole palm, not only the fingers, both hands should be relaxed, the force can be strong or gentle, movements can be small. Such muscle will relax, and can increase blood circulation, express tension and pressure.

2. Kneading: This technique is like kneading dough. The thumb may apply a little force, but only slowly and moderately. These movements are of great help to the fatty areas and the back, which can relax the muscles, promote the flow of blood and lymph, and help the body to expel toxins.

Body Oil Massage Oil

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