Female Personal Gynecological Nourishing Gel

This product is used for sterilizing, cleaning, nursing, moisturizing and so on.
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Female Personal Gynecological Nourishing Gel

Private nourishing gel nano silver gynecological gel

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Gynecological Anti-inflammatory Gel
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50000 set up
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The quotation is subject to the actual order

Scope of application: This product is used for the disinfection, cleaning, nursing and nourishing of women's private parts.

Precautions: Phase 3 (menstrual period, pregnancy and perinatal period), pregnant women and virgins are forbidden.

topical anti inflammatory gel

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anti inflammatory gel prescription

gynecological anti-inflammatory gel

Nourishing care gel Application Method:

1. Use one before going to bed every night, cleaning the vulva first;

2. Wash hands thoroughly, then tear open plastic seals

3. Remove the sterile cap, gently push Yintite 7CM into the vagina, lie down for 10 minutes and wait for absorption, and some dirt will be absorbed after 12 hours

4. After cleaning the vagina on the second day, the toxin and old necrotic cells in the rotting skin box should be outside the body

Matters needing attention

1, according to the individual physique is different and the absorption medicine effect is different, can get the remarkable effect in 1-6

2. Rational use of gynecological gel products according to the instructions and precautions

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