Female private parts tender red essence

Can improve dullness, lip lines overweight but also embellish lips, bright lips, after the use of bright color, pink tender lovely.
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Female private parts tender red essence

Underarm lip areola tender red gel pink fade nursing white skin to remove melanin

Product information

Tender pink for female private parts
Minimum quantity
50000 set up
Product series
Elite fluid
Applicable people
Special purpose cosmetics

Private vermilion

Applicable Scope:

The nipples and areola of women are inherently red and tender, but the influence of female hormones during menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum and lactation leads to excessive oxidation of the skin, and pigmentation of soft tissues such as nipples and areola turns black, covering up the original pink and tender through red.

Usage:Apply a small amount of cotton swab evenly, wipe with paper towel after 10 minutes, no need to rinse. 1-2 times a day, use in the morning and evening is better, can keep pink and pink all day long.

Warm reminder

Tender is the need for a process, adhere to the use of color can fade, can prevent the dark continue to deepen; This product contains a variety of tender ingredients, can effectively dilute melanin, private parts/areola tender white.

(Note: Everyone's physique and absorptive capacity are different, and the dilution degree and time vary from person to person.)

The secret language is verenin

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