Female private T film manufacturers promotion Sep 02, 2020

The manufacturing plant in guangzhou fang, pharmaceutical technology co., LTD has modern font size production and elimination of fully automatic filling equipment, set design, production and sales of private T film, gel manufacturer of department of gynaecology, GMPC production workshop, has its own factory, main business: firming gel, illicit close T film, diminish inflammation of department of gynaecology gel, nourish and repair gel, postpartum repair boxes, etc.

Usage and efficacy of private T film

Usage: Please clean the corresponding parts of the skin before use, then clean your hands and carefully take out the product and stick it on your abdomen skin. It is recommended to use the product for 15-20 minutes each time until the skin is fully absorbed.

Efficacy: This product USES gel technology to make beauty mask, scientific formula, moisturizing and refreshing, smooth fragrance, after daily bath on the skin, give gentle care.

Private T Membrane For Ladies

1. Inhibit the breeding of bacteria, produce Chinese herbal extracts containing anti-L bacteria and antibacterial ingredients, and effectively eliminate E. coli, S. aureus and Candida albicans. Just one piece can eliminate a lot of bacteria breeding in private Part, prevention, solve the odor and itch of private part, but also can effectively prevent inflammation of private part, etc.

2. Beautify the private parts, containing healthy green tender red factors. Effectively deep clean the skin, decompose aged horniness, decompose melanin, maintain the normal PH value of treatment, effectively promote the skin to quickly absorb the vitamin L in crystal C, mineral, protein, etc., so as to achieve the goal of nourishing the skin tender red, make the private L place delicate and beautiful pink.

3, remove the odor, healthy private L taste because of people, from sweet to fishy taste may be different depending on their many factors. But it doesn't smell bad.

4. Remove the bacteria in the hair follicle. The concentrated plant skin health essence refined by modern biotechnology is evenly dissolved in the liquid to make a convenient private L facial mask with high content of effective ingredients and strong cleaning power, preventing bacteria from breeding in the hair follicles at the source.

The main products of FairyAroma are: gynaecological gel, gynaecological soft capsule, paste, rubbing silk, private T film, Stretch pills, nenghong, firming and antibacterial gel, postpartum repair gel, sexual incense original liquid and other private products. Welcome the general customers to consult!

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