Female reproduction powder and tender cream in large quantities wholesale spot Sep 02, 2020
Nen is a natural moistening red products, product ingredients are natural ingredients. Verandrine is generally applied to the lips, areola, inner thighs, and female private parts. Because its composition is natural, and the effect is lasting, be liked by broad woman place gradually. Red pigment can improve the dullness, lip lines overweight but also embellish lips, bright lips, after the use of bright color, pink tender lovely. Can improve the areola too dark color, can make the areola part of the skin to moist, tender, too light color can achieve red, at the same time have the effect of reducing the areola. Make private place color is too dark person long-term use can change slowly, have moist effect. The biggest characteristic of nen in addition to the powder embellish, after using for a period of time, stop using nen, but also can keep the natural powder tender. Usage: stick a cotton swab on your lips or other parts of the body. Use it 1-2 times a day, use it continuously for 3 months to maintain 6 months, use it continuously for half a year to guarantee the effect of one year's pink.

Characteristics of Powder essence:
Moderate close skin
Rich plant ingredients, caring for the skin.
Moisturizing nourishing
Replenish moisture for skin, tender and moisturize skin.
Pink is tender red
Moisturize the skin and make it pink and shiny.

Applicable Scope:
The nipples and areola of women are naturally red and tender, but the influence of female hormones during menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum and lactation leads to excessive oxidation of the skin.
The nipples, areola and other soft tissues produce pigmentation and turn black, covering up the original pink and tender through red.

Usage: Apply a small amount of cotton swab evenly, wipe with paper towel after 10 minutes, no need to rinse. 1-2 times a day, use in the morning and evening is better, can keep pink and pink all day long.

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