Gynecological Anti-inflammation Care Gel

Gynecological gel is a kind of gynecological medicine, for the gel agent, used in the treatment of various gynecological vaginitis, cervicitis, including: bacterial vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis, mixed vaginitis, gonococcal infection, chronic cervicitis, with anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, antipruritic effect.
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Gynecological Anti-inflammation Care Gel

Anti - inflammation, sterilization, anti - itching female gynecological gel

Product information

Product name
gynecological anti-inflammatory gel
Private Care
Minimum quantity
50000 set up
place of origin
A series of
Anti-inflammatory gel
Applicable people
Supplies of department of gynaecology

Applicable scope of anti-inflammatory gel: this product is used for the disinfection, cleaning, nursing and nourishing of women's private parts.

Precautions: Phase 3 (menstrual period, pregnancy and perinatal period), pregnant women and virgins are forbidden.

best anti inflammatory gel

Gynecological gel comprehensive care

Restore original private health environment to caress your private garden, clean will deep intimate private parts of toxins and secretion eduction, adjust restore privacy, micro ecological balance, reduce the private problem again and again, adjust the privacy of PH PH balance, health defense system, protective secondary infection bacterium to moisten dryness part, eliminate mildew, zhi Yang secretion, improve cell vitality

anti inflammatory gels

 anti inflammatory gels

Warm prompt

1. A small amount of gel may flow out according to the method and method of personal use. It is suggested to use with sanitary pad;

2, according to the course of use at the same time, menstrual period should stop;

3. Products beyond the expiry date are prohibited;

4. This product is disposable, not reusable;

5. Female anti-inflammatory gel is for external use, do not take it internally;

6. Do not use if the package is damaged.

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