Gynecological gel manufacturers take you to understand the knowledge of gynecological gel Jan 27, 2021

Many friends are not very familiar with the relevant knowledge of gynecological gel. The following gynecological gel ome manufacturers will explain the daily knowledge about gynecological gel:

What is the use of gynecological gel?

1. Quickly relieve itching and remove odor: The perfect combination of traditional Chinese medicine and micro-ecological metabolites, powerful antibacterial, and quickly relieve itching.

2. Chinese medicine and probiotics metabolism synergistically inhibits bacteria and disinfects, which can quickly kill 90% of pathogenic bacteria within 5mn, and more.

3. Increase the cure rate of privatitis by 10%-20%: avoid the long-term use of antibiotics and drug resistance, and increase the cure rate by 10%-20%.

4. Targeted bacteriostasis and enhanced private self-healing ability: protects normal private flora from being destroyed, and can quickly rebuild private self-immunity after cure.

5. Quickly repair the damaged private mucosa and the integrity of the private epithelium of the mucosa.

6. Reduce 60%-70% of the recurrence of private inflammation: repair the balance of private micro-ecological flora, enhance private autoimmune function, and reduce the recurrence rate of private inflammation by 60%-70%.

7. Deep cleaning: It can deeply clean up private metabolites, junk toxins, and private aging epithelial cells.

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When should I use gynecological gel?

It is generally better to use gynecological gel before going to bed. If gynecological gel is used during the day, the liquid medicine will easily flow out of the body, which is not conducive to treatment. Gynecological gel is suitable for gynecological inflammation and private infections with various symptoms caused by various pathogenic microorganisms.

After injection of gynecological gel, keep the position for 3-5 minutes. During use, once a day, one bottle at a time. During treatment, patients must pay attention to their private parts and wash their private parts with warm water.

Friends, keeping the vulva clean can effectively prevent the occurrence of gynecological inflammation. Women should clean the vulva with clean water every day, especially before and after sexual intercourse. In daily cleaning, there is no need to clean the private interior, because excessive cleaning will cause the imbalance of the flora in the private, which is counterproductive.

Correct use time of gynecological gel

(1) Three days after menstruation

(2) Use after menstruation is clean after the flow of people

(3) 2 months after delivery, some people 6 months

(4) After 3 months after caesarean section

(5) After 2 months of lactation

During the period of use, pay attention to eating lighter ones. Do not eat spicy and pungent foods including seafood and beer. Stay up late as much as possible.

The above is the relevant knowledge about women’s privacy provided by the Guangzhou Fangli Gynecological Gel manufacturer. I hope to help everyone. Through this article, I can learn something. At the same time, Guangzhou Fangli is a professional gynecological gel OEM source Suppliers can provide you with a large number of private gel brand OEMs, and friends in need are welcome to come to consult and visit!

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