Hair conditioner manufacturers wholesale Oct 13, 2020

  Guangzhou Fangli is a professional manufacturer of cosmetics, body care and hair care products. It provides a large amount of wholesale of skin care products and hair oils. The number of cooperative customers has reached more than 13,000, and it has been well received by the majority of brand owners and has a good reputation. .

  Conditioner is also called conditioner and is generally used in pairs with shampoo. After shampooing, apply an appropriate amount of conditioner evenly on the hair, knead gently for about one minute, and then rinse it off with water. Therefore, it is also called a rinse conditioner, which is a hair cosmetic.

  Hair Supplements are divided into two types: transparent type and emulsion type in terms of appearance, and emulsion type products are more common in the market.

  Shampoo uses anionic and non-ionic surfactants as the main raw material to provide decontamination and foaming effects, while the main raw material of conditioner is cationic surfactant. After shampooing the hair, use conditioner. It can neutralize the anionic molecules remaining on the surface of the hair to form a monomolecular film, so that the tangled hair is obedient and easy to comb.


  The basic principle of hair care products is to attach the hair care ingredients to the surface of the hair to lubricate the release layer and reduce friction, thereby reducing the chance of hair damage caused by combing. In addition, the protective film formed by the hair care ingredients can prevent or slow down the loss of moisture in the hair.


  Rinse conditioner is the most commonly used daily hair care product. Its characteristic is that hair care ingredients can be evenly distributed on the whole hair by washing with water. The oily hair mask contains higher hair care ingredients, so the hair care effect is the strongest. The leave-in conditioner has the characteristics of being able to be used at any time and on any occasion, without the need for additional rinse steps. In addition, it can be used not only for all hair, but also for partial hair care.

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