Herbaceous mud moxibustion supplier direct marketing Aug 10, 2020
Herbal mud moxibustion has good curative effect, effective quickly, with blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, heat to help Yang, open the door to drive away evil, heat to heat multiple effects, can quickly open the human body channels and collaterals, the human body will be cold and dampness-driven out of the body, safe, no side effects on the skin, both symptoms and root causes, to achieve the rapid cure of intractable diseases.

Easy to operate, just use the microwave oven to heat the mud moxibustion for a few minutes, even mixing powder. Then clean the skin, warm the skin with a hot towel for 1 minute, and finally spread it over the lesions, covered with plastic wrap.
Traditional Chinese medicine moxibustion mud

It is suitable for both young and old, mainly used for people with sub-health status, people with chronic diseases or chronic diseases, patients in rehabilitation period, and people who need physical conditioning.

Guangzhou Fangli medical mud moxibustion production base mainly for the national major beauty health companies, beauty salon processing and production of mud moxibustion, is currently the largest and most professional mud therapy product research and development production base. There are 14 categories in total and hundreds of OEM brands, occupying more than 50% of the market share. Mud moxibustion under working state in the production process and products are pure natural ingredients, using pure beeswax and fever powder refined but become, the main projects: solid moxibustion, liquid moxibustion, moxibustion, palm moxibustion, thermal moxibustion, moxibustion, energy seed powder film, package, Thailand heat paste moxibustion, quintessence of Chinese traditional medicine extraction, high purity dosage is less than, efficacy times as big as, low cost and high efficiency.

Chinese medicinal mud moxibustion component

Fangli mud moxibustion is the most popular and popular products in beauty salons, health parlours, physiotherapy shops, pedicures, hospitals, community clinics, saunas and bath centers, massage parlours and other places. At the same time is also the family personal health butler.

Specifications: Customized processing according to customer requirements
Sample: we can provide sample or sample on trial
Product formula: the factory provides mature formula or customized according to customer requirements.
Cooperation mode :OEM, ODM (outsourcing materials, processing with supplied materials, sample processing, formula processing, etc.)

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