Highly Effective Disinfection Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

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Highly Effective Disinfection Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

Do not wash and disinfect hand sanitizer at home and abroad

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Name Highly Effective Disinfection Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer
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5L hand sanitizer

Hand lotion - highly effective antibacterial, protect yourself. Wear masks and wash hands frequently. For more effective and convenient protection, Guangzhou Fangli has launched handwashing free gel, which contains alcohol and non-alcohol, and can be exported, providing relevant qualification certification! Simple rubbing, anytime and anywhere sterilization, clean hands, gentle hands do not hurt, easy disinfection and inhibition of bacteria! We usually wash our hands with soap, hand sanitizer and so on. When we go out, because we can not always find a place to wash our hands, washing hands is very inconvenient. Delia antibacterial gel solves this inconvenience, making it easy to carry and wash your hands anytime, anywhere.

Antibacterial hand sanitizer

Antibacterial hand sanitizer

Guangzhou Fangli Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Co., LTD. Disinfecting type of hands-free gel hand sanitizer manufacturers, hands-free gel hand sanitizer OEM processing, for intestinal pathogenic bacteria, suppurative coccus, pathogenic fungi have bactericidal effect! Regular products, free hand washing products easy to use, in a waterless environment can still eliminate a variety of bacteria. Disinfecting type hand sanitizer substitute processing, can be in the hospital, medicine I shop, clinic, mother and child, and other multi-channel operation! For major medical institutions, drug stores, shampoo, charity donors, beauty salons and a series of demand users to provide a large number of spot supplies, support OEM custom OEM OEM, to create an exclusive hand-free gel brand!

Hand sanitizer manufacturer

Professional OEM OEM OEM processing one-stop service, just a phone, you can have their own brand!

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