How to distinguish the quality of essential oils? Jan 28, 2021

How to identify the quality of essential oils is a problem that everyone is very concerned about. There are so many kinds of essential oils on the market, and sometimes they are dazzling. So how do you distinguish between good and bad essential oils?

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compare prices:
The unit price of most natural essential oils is more than one hundred yuan. For example, it takes thousands of kilograms of rose petals to extract one kilogram of rose essential oil, so the price of rose essential oil is relatively expensive;

The citrus essential oils are essential oils extracted from the peel. Due to the large quantity of raw materials and high oil yield, the price is relatively cheap. Natural essential oils are produced without adding any chemicals, and the price is not too low. The so-called "you get what you pay for" is the reason.

2 Check the packaging:
Essential oils must be packaged in dark glass bottles to ensure their quality, because light, high heat, humidity, etc. will destroy the composition of essential oils.

3 Observe solubility:
Drop plant essential oils into water. Because the density of oil is lower than water, it will float on the water and form droplets of oil, which will not dissolve no matter how you stir it.

Four light smells:

The taste of natural essential oils is fragrant and natural. As long as we lower our heads and sniff the mouth of the bottle, good essential oils will not feel choking. The concentration of essential oils is very high, with the flavor of the original plant concentrated more than 70 times, the smell is natural, long-lasting and multi-layered. Essential oils contain hundreds of different molecules, which act on the back of the brain with a long aftertaste.

Five look at transparency:
Plant essential oils are contained in glass bottles, so you can observe their state through the glass. Pure essential oils are clear and transparent without turbidity. Most essential oils are not greasy and oily, but are clear and transparent like water.

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