Lady's private part Pink Essence

This product gynecological female reproductive pink, can effectively reproductive pink, nipples, pink under the armpits
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Lady's private part pink essence

Tender pink lips areola private area tender red

Product information

Product series
Gynecological Gel For Women
Private Care
Brand type
Applicable people
Minimum quantity
50,000 pieces minimum order

Applicable Scope:

The nipples and areola of women are inherently red and tender, but the influence of female hormones during menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum and lactation leads to excessive oxidation of the skin, and pigmentation of soft tissues such as nipples and areola turns black, covering up the original pink and tender through red.

Usage:Apply a small amount of cotton swab evenly, wipe with paper towel after 10 minutes, no need to rinse. 1-2 times a day, use in the morning and evening is better, can keep pink and pink all day long.

Gynecological Gel For Women

The main products of Guangzhou Fangli Pharmaceutical Co., LTD are: gynaecological gel, gynaecological soft capsule, paste, rubbing silk, private T film, Stretch pills, nenghong, firming and antibacterial gel, postpartum repair gel, sexual incense and other private products.

Guangzhou Fangli gynecological gel OEM choice of three advantages

1. Certified production qualification of xiaozihao private products

2. A team of professional R&D experts

3. Professional OEM service

Private Tender Red Essence

Guangzhou Fangli department of gynaecology gel processing manufacturers have what advantages?

1. The product has complete dosage forms to meet various requirements of customers

2. Raw materials are selected from well-known brands at home and abroad to ensure product quality from the source;

3. Advanced production equipment, strict production management of 100,000-level aseptic workshop standard;

4. Complete inspection instruments to meet routine and ex-factory inspection requirements of products;

Private Tender Red Essence
Pink cream

5. Positioning high-end hardware to meet customers' needs for rapid market entry;

6. Complete documents to meet customer market development;

7. Specials to follow up orders to ensure smooth cooperation and communication;

8, the delivery is fast, to ensure the fastest delivery to your hand.

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