Moisturizing Aerosol Spray Suntan Lotion

This sunscreen lotion can be used to protect your skin, moisturize your skin, moisturize your skin, moisturize your skin and improve your matte muscles.
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Moisturizing Aerosol Spray Suntan Lotion

Refreshing sunscreen without greasy spray

Product information

The name of the
Best Spray Suntan Lotion
Face Care
Suitable skin types
Prevent bask in parts
Face/whole body
Shelf life
2 years

Litre Spray Suntan Lotion works

1. Small molecule fog

Water is light and not greasy

2. Sunscreen and toning

Brighten the skin and form a protective barrier

3. Hydrate

Moisturize and moisturize skin comfortably without burden

Spray Suntan Lotion

How to use Aerosol Spray Suntan Lotion:

Shake suntan spray up and down. Spray sunscreen evenly on the skin from 10-15cm away.

Shake well before use. Do not spray on the face. Apply appropriate amount to the whole body before sun exposure. Time reapply, especially after swimming or sweating profusely. It is recommended to apply this product to your face and neck regularly before sunning, and to use body exfoliator before sunning to give a healthy and even tan. It is not recommended to use on sensitive and sunburnt skin.

Spray suntan lotion

Skin Moisturizing Spray Suntan Lotion Recommended reasons: fresh oil control, waterproof breathable, strong protective function, hydration lasting effect.

Warm prompt

1. It is recommended that we spray enough sunscreen spray before sun exposure, and regularly rub the whole face and neck, and appropriately use body exfoliating products before applying sunscreen products, which can help us to tan a more uniform and healthy skin tone.

2. Sunscreen spray is not recommended for sensitive phenomena after sun exposure or when the skin is injured, so as to prevent infected wounds.

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