Moisturizing Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Gel

Our hands-free gel is portable; No washing, antibacterial, sterilization, can clean hands anytime and anywhere,
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Moisturizing Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Gel

Hand sanitizer gel sterilizes epidemic materials

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Natural Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer
Hand Wash
Different fragrances can be customized
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Hand sanitizer

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer products function

1. Wash hands without water: easy to use and carry; Do not wash, you can clean your hands anytime and anywhere;

2. Sustainable effects: Sanitizing Hand Sanitizer requires a long time, and the effects can be 4-5 hours long, up to 6 hours.

3. Gentle skin care: it can control the oxidative stress level of hands, prevent skin damage and protect hands, nourish and care hand skin.

Scented Hand Sanitizer

Disposable gel

Antibacterial hand sanitizer usage

1. Apply 3-5ml of disposable hand lotion to the palm.

2. Palm-to-palm rubbing.

3, fingers interlace, palm to finger rub.

4, fingers interlacing, palm to palm rubbing.

5. Hold your hands and rub the back of your fingers.

6. Rub your thumb in your palm

7. Rub your fingertips in the palms of your hands

8. Rotate and rub the left hand from the forearm to elbow of the right wrist

Wash and disinfect gel

Precautions for hand sanitizer

1. It shall not be taken orally; Rinse with clean water if splash into eyes

2. Inflammable, keep away from open fire and keep in cool place

3. It should be placed in an untouchable position for infants

4. In case of allergic reaction, stop immediately and seek medical advice in serious cases

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