Moisturizing Whitening Sunscreen Spray For Women

Our sunscreen spray can effectively protect, concealer, moisturize, whiten, five effects in one, broad-spectrum sunscreen, high defense. Keep your skin white in summer!
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Moisturizing Whitening Sunscreen Spray For Women

Suntan spray moisturizes thoroughly without getting greasy

Product information

Name Moisturizer Whitening Sunscreen Spray
Net content
Shelf life
2 years
Suitable skin types
All skin types
Applicable people
Usually need to make up, travel, dating, outdoor activities

Sunscreen Spray Efficacy: isolation, protection, concealer, moisturizing, whitening, five-effect combination, broad-spectrum sunscreen, high defense.

Clear Sunscreen Spray Advantages: cool and refreshing touch of water, exclusive ratio of science and technology ingredients, external sunscreen, internal nourishing skin, plant ingredients plus quantum technology, simple, scientific, effective, mild without stimulation, light through without flower makeup.

Moisturizer Whitening Sunscreen Spray

Recommended reasons for sunscreen spray: fresh and oil-controlling, waterproof and breathable, powerful protective function, lasting hydrating effect.

Moisturizing Whitening Sunscreen Spray Usage: shake before spraying, 15 minutes before going out, 200 meters away from the skin, spray wine in circles, if using on the face, please spray on the palm first, then apply on the face.

Spray suntan lotion

Our company is a manufacturer with 17 years of experience in production, research and development, sales in one of the production enterprises, "PURE NATURE BEAUTY" is our core concept. With a rigorous attitude of medical science and technology, the company selects natural high-energy raw materials to develop and manufacture anti-Bacterial products, cosmetics and life and health products. FairyAroma, Diliya, Atspa, PENTAPHARM and other brand products are sold in the whole country and even in the markets of southeast Asia, Europe and America. Since the establishment of the factory, we have invested in the construction of a 100,000-level GMP workshop, introduced new production techniques and equipment, carried out cooperation with many scientific research institutions, applied for a number of patents, developed a number of proprietary formulas, practice with nature and technology to lead the fashion. Thank you for your wise choice,Create brilliant with you!

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