Natural Deep Moisturizing Hair Conditioner

Conditioner makes hair soft, easy to comb, antistatic and shiny
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Natural Deep Moisturizing Hair Conditioner

Improve dry, deep nourishing and luxurious hair conditioner

Conditioner product information

Name Smoothing Moisturizer Hair Conditioner
Minimum quantity
Since the 1 ton
Apply to the hair
Applicable people

The effect of conditioner

Hair conditioner contains rich natural essence ingredients, which can continuously make hair glossy and healthy when used, and infuse healthy vitality into hair, effectively and deeply help repair damaged hair, and constantly form protective film on the surface of hair, making hair soft and bright, restoring elasticity and easy to handle.

Selling point advantage: small molecule, high penetration, fresh texture, plant formula, customized for damaged hair

Lavender Hair Conditioner 500 ml

How to use antipruritic hair conditioner

Rinse conditioner is the most commonly used daily hair care product. Its characteristic is to be rinsed with water can protect hair component to distribute evenly on whole hair. And stir-fried hair films, which contain more ingredients, are the most effective. The no-wash conditioner has the feature that it can be used at any time and any occasion without additional washing steps. In addition, it can be used for all hair, and can be used selectively for local hair care.

Nourishing conditioner

Matters needing attention

Too much conditioner on the scalp tends to grease Whole scalp daub protects hair element, waste protects hair element to also cause scalp grease easily. Hair near the roots is healthy new hair. Only the part near the end is aging, split ends, damaged hair. So. After washing clean hair, only need from hair middle to hair tip daub wipe, undertake about 1 minute massage, make protect hair element even distribution. Oily hair simply USES conditioner at drier ends.

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