OEM beauty salon with traditional Chinese medicine health mud moxibustion Oct 29, 2020

According to statistics, more than 90% of white-collar workers suffer from cervical spondylosis mildly or severely. The main reason is sedentary. Long-term, single fixed posture at work is the main reason for the formation of cervical spondylosis! In the past, most cervical spondylosis was caused by porters or farmers working in the field, but now cervical spondylosis is no longer a middle-aged person and physical strength The "patent" of laborers. Among the customers who came to the plaster chapter, there were many young white-collar workers from the company, who remained sitting most of the time.

"Pain means nothing, general means nothing". On the surface, cervical spondylosis essentially means that the meridians and collaterals are blocked or blocked, which will cause cervical spine pain. The neck is the only channel connecting the brain and the limbs to the trunk. It’s an important task. If you toss around indiscriminately, you will "lost contact up and down", and severely cause paralysis! There are seven bones in the cervical spine, and the seven joints depend on the protection of the muscles. Sit and maintain a posture, the neck muscles will always be in a state of tension. After a long time, the muscles will strain and lose the ability to protect bones and joints. As a result, people often feel shoulder and neck pain, which is a "warning" of muscle strain!

It can be said that mud moxibustion is one of the most suitable methods to treat cervical spondylosis. There are two ways for mud moxibustion to work: mud moxibustion uses volcanic mud, and the short infrared rays produced by volcanic mud can clear blockages and transport cold. Humidity and warming open the meridians; the traditional Chinese medicine components in mud moxibustion can enter the body through the skin, dredge the meridians, eliminate cold and dampness, and clear the twelve serious meridians. Both of these methods can dredge the meridians, and both are very useful for regulating the cervical spine-the meridians are smooth , Yu Du resolves, naturally there will be no pain.

Chinese medicine health mud moxibustion

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