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Fang Li Single essential oil Series:

1. Lavender essential oil: as one of the most widely used essential oils, lavender essential oil has outstanding anti-inflammatory and bactericidal efficacy in promoting skin regeneration, soothing nerves and improving insomnia.

2. Rose essential oil: Known as "liquid gold", rose essential oil has the functions of whitening, hydrating, moisturizing, smoothing skin and smoothing wrinkles, soothing emotions, relieving tension and reducing pressure; Increase women's confidence.

3. Jasmine essential oil: known as the "King of essential oil", jasmine essential oil has an elegant smell, which can relieve depressed mood, lift spirits and enhance self-confidence. Meanwhile, it can care and improve the dry, thirsty, oily and sensitive condition of skin, fade stretch marks and scars, increase skin elasticity and make skin feel tender and tender

Peppermint essential oil: Peppermint is the best essential oil for treating colds, it can suppress fever and inflammation of mucous membranes, and promote perspiration. Can regulate unclean, blocked skin, give skin refreshing feeling. Can pacify the mood, invigorate the essential oil, give the heart free stretch space.

Essential oil wholesale
Aromatic plant base oil series

Jojoba oil: penetrates deeply and moisturizes skin. It is suitable for all types of skin and can protect hair.

Wheat germ oil: rich in Vitamins B and E, unsaturated fatty acids and minerals, quickly replenish skin nutrition and nourish the skin.

Sweet almond oil: rich in vitamins, minerals and protein, massage for the body. Suitable for dry skin or skin discomfort caused by climate change.

Grape seed oil: beautifies the skin, supplements the skin nutrition, restores the softness, is suitable for all kinds of skin, especially the oily skin.

Guangzhou Fang Li professional essential oil OEM processing manufacturers

Essential oil OEM:

Single essential oil OEM, Compound essential oil OEM, aromatherapy essential oil OEM, solid essential oil OEM, herbal oil series, essential oil case series

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