Pack 25L Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer can clean the virus on your hand at the moment of the epidemic, can protect your health, hand sanitizer can provide a large quantity of supply wholesale, affordable price, welcome to consult!
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Pack 25L Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

Do not use antibacterial hand sanitizer when going out

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Name Antibacterial Hand Wash
25L Hand sanitizer
Drug elimination
Selling way
Wholesale, OEM, processing label
Net content
Scope of application
At home, at school, at work, on the road, anywhere

Guangzhou Fangli hand sanitizer:
1. Wash hands without water: easy to use and carry; Do not wash, you can clean your hands anytime and anywhere;
2. Lasting effect: the effect lasts for a long time, lasting for 4-5 hours and lasting up to 6 hours;
3. Gentle skin care: it can control the oxidative stress level of hands, prevent skin damage and protect hands, nourish and care hand skin;
4. Inhibition of bacteria: After identification by professional institutions, inactivated virus, antibacterial rate reached 99.9%. Delia is praised as "a good helper", not only because its ingredients are safe and intimate, in
The product specification design is also very considerate.

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

Ordering Instructions:
Our company mainly focuses on processing customization. Due to the influence of specification, material, style, processing technology and other factors, the price is also different. We can make according to your requirement (specification, bottle shape, style, design, etc.). Welcome to inquire, a station for your OEM processing label, domestic, foreign a station processing label, quantity from the best!

Fangli hand sanitizer category: Non-washing hand sanitizer OEM, bubble hand sanitizer processing, non-washing antibacterial hand sanitizer label, domestic hand sanitizer, foreign trade hand sanitizer, and provide relevant qualification certification. Currently, Fangli products have been exported to many overseas countries and regions!

Hand sanitizer qualification certificate

Use method of hand lotion:

1. Apply 3-5ml of disposable hand lotion to the palm;

2. Palm-to-palm rubbing;

3, fingers interlace, palm to finger rub;

4, fingers interlaced, palm to palm rubbing;

5. Hold hands and rub the back of fingers; Antibacterial hand lotion

6. Rub the thumb in the palm;

7. Rub the fingertips in the palms of your hands;

8. Rotate and rub the left hand from the forearm to elbow of the right wrist.

Welcome to inquire, wholesale customized hand solution!

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