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Massage cream can brighten skin and whiten skin. In today's society, massage cream is one of the indispensable skin care products for female friends. It can repair some problems of skin

There are four types of massage creams

The first helps with metabolism, clearing pores, softening keratinaceous dirt, and promoting lymphatic drainage. This kind of massage cream is safe and does not need to add too many active ingredients. It is suitable for people who want to clean pores and activate skin.

The 2nd kind is the enhancement that promotes active skin composition to absorb, after be used at cleanness facial ministry, borrow massage to let pore expand to help absorb. The same first safety, color, spices, chemical oils and fats can be avoided, active ingredients can be selected for quick effect, such as moisturizing, whitening, etc., so you can choose according to the condition of the skin;

The third type is relatively moist, contains a unique compound formula, can remove the skin cutin and dead skin, purify the skin. Essence and multivitamin ingredients, while relieving skin, help activate skin cells, strengthen blood circulation, make skin more transparent;

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The last one is the facial mask massage cream. Through the "thermal energy effect + facial massage", it makes the skin feel as comfortable as a steam bath. In addition, the massage can improve the thermal sensation and help the effective ingredients to penetrate quickly. What be worth to remind is, massage things slippery degree wants enough, lest cause skin friction and pull, with cream of high oil degree the commonnest. Partial water - based refreshing massage, the amount of more, so as not to pull the skin.

Usage of facial massage cream:

Massage is best done before bed. After washing a face or coming out bath, qualitative of facial ministry skin is clean and moist, and pore is more clean also, it is the best opportunity that after cleanness skin massages, can obtain better effect.

Step 1: Massage until absorbed

Apply appropriate amount of the massage cream and gently massage in circles on the face. When the massage lasts for about 1 minute, the massage cream has been absorbed by the skin. Do not stop at this time and continue the massage.

Step 2: Massage until oily

Massage 3 minutes or so massage cream began to become oily, this time is to expel toxins and dirty things when;

Step 3: Wipe clean

Massage 2~3 minutes again, wipe face with wet wipes, then clean face with cleaning products, basic skin care can be.

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