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Shampoo refers to a hair care product with anti-dandruff function, oil-burning function and hair dyeing function. Shampoo contains a variety of ingredients. The combined effect of these ingredients can clean the scalp and hair.

Usually the most effective ingredient in shampoo is surfactant. Surfactant plays the role of cleaning hair and scalp. When shampoo is mixed with water, it can produce foam, but the amount of foam does not reflect cleansing The strength of the ability.


Wash and remove the body's oil, sweat, scalp, and foreign dust, microorganisms, residues of styling products and bad odors. In addition to the cleansing function, the two-in-one shampoo also has a good hair care effect. After washing, it can make the hair not only clean and loose, but also easy to dry and comb, without knotting, smooth and soft. There are also some shampoos that have the functions of anti-dandruff, anti-itch, and inhibit excessive secretion of sebum.


* Use a comb to comb your hair smoothly before cleaning.

Dip your hair in water and keep the water temperature at the right level to avoid damaging the hair.

Pour an appropriate amount of shampoo on the palm of your hand and rub it gently to make it lather.

Rub the shampoo into your hair gently with your fingers.

After rubbing your hair for a while, wash your hair thoroughly with water. If it is difficult to clean it once, repeat it.

Wipe your hair gently with a towel, and do not put the hair dryer too close to your hair when drying your hair. Do not rub, pull or twist, because wet hair is much weaker in elasticity and strength than dry hair.

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