Soft Refreshing Facial Wet Wipes

This is not an ordinary wipes. It can refresh your mind quickly. You will feel sleepy after driving, staying up late to study, having a meeting and attending a meeting.
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Soft Refreshing Facial Wet Wipes

Relieve fatigue with disposable wet wipes

Flow Pack Hygiene Refreshing Wet Wipes product information

Cool fresh wet wipes
Type of packing
Portable packaging
Raw material composition
Non-woven fabric

Huggies Naturally Refreshing Wipes

Product details

The invention is made of pure water, soft and non-woven fabric, natural plants and other materials, and is used for long-distance driving, staying up late to study, working overtime, Fatigue at work, sleepiness and refreshing. It will refresh oneself quickly and cool down for a long time after being wiped. Easy to carry, antibacterial, cleaning is essential for work and driving.

Fresh And Clean Wipes method

1. After opening, take out a Fresh On The Go Wipes and apply them to your face.

2. Wash your face without using water.

3. To prevent wet wipes from drying out, please stick the sticker on the package and use it as soon as possible.

Soft Refreshing Wet Wipes

Notes for using Fresh And Soft Wet Wipes

1.  Do not use around the eyes,wounds,eczema areas,mucous membranes and after depilation.

Do not use for skin.

2.  Do not use it for people allergic to alcohol and skin.

3.  If it gets in your eyes accidentally,rinse immediately with water.

4.  If there are symptoms such as redness,itchiness and irritation after use,please stop using immediately

In severe cases,seek medical attention.

5.  Clorox Fresh Scent Wipes do not dissolve in water.Do not throw them into the toilet.

6.  Do not use to clean furniture and appliances.

7.  Do not put in places with high temperature,direct sunlight and easy access to children.

8.  This product contains alcohol.Please avoid using and storing it near the fire source.

9.  Use as soon as possible after opening.Fresh Bath Travel Wipes are disposable Wipes

Olay Fresh Effects Wipes

Wet Ones Wet Wipes

Eight Reasons for Choosing Fang Li Pharmaceutical OEM processing:

1.The product has complete dosage forms to meet various requirements of customers

2.Raw materials are selected from well-known brands at home and abroad to ensure product quality from the source;

3.Advanced production equipment,strict production management of 100,000-level aseptic workshop standard;

4.Complete inspection instruments to meet routine and ex-factory inspection requirements of products;

5.Positioning high-end hardware to meet customers'needs for rapid market entry;

6.Complete documents to meet customer market development;

7.Specials to follow up orders to ensure smooth cooperation and communication;

8,the delivery is fast,to ensure the fastest delivery to your hand.

Wiping With Wet Wipes

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