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Guangzhou Fangli Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise with 18 years of experience in production, research and development and sales. "Pure Nature Beauty" and "Pure Nature and Beauty" are our core concepts. With the rigorous attitude of medical science and technology, the company selects natural high-energy raw materials to research and develop and manufacture low-grade products, cosmetics and life and health products. The products of Fairyaroma, Diliya, ATSPA, Pentapharm and other brand lines have been sold to the whole country, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States.

Disposable hand sanitizer manufacturers

Type of OEM processing: 1. Provide samples, our factory will analyze, research and design the formula according to the samples. After the customer confirms, we will entrust our factory in accordance with the whole order.

2, commissioned processing: our factory according to customer requirements for product formula design, research and development of production, customer confirmed in the commissioned factory for processing and production.

3, processing: customers provide raw materials and packaging materials, I plant to provide equipment, production site personnel, a customer requirements for processing and production.

4. OBM mode: we create our own product brands and produce and sell products with our own brands.

The most significant feature of the hands-free disinfectant gel is that it does not need to be rinsed with water, and it can effectively inhibit and remove the bacteria on the hand without the use of water. Especially in summer, the growth rate of bacteria increases, especially intestinal pathogenic bacteria, pyogenic coccus, yeast, etc., this kind of hospital common bacteria, medical workers should often clean the hand department, keep the hygiene of the hand. However, the wrong method of using hand sanitizing disinfectant can not remove harmful bacteria, so that a large number of bacteria contact patients through the hands of medical workers, leading to infection of patients.

5. Mode of OEM cooperation:

1) OEM processing; 2) sample processing; 3) new product development; 4) product transformation and upgrade; 5) canning processing and other cooperation methods.

Suitable for: international and domestic dealers with their own brands or investors with many years of industry experience.

II.ODM cooperation mode:

Brand processing one-stop service, provide trademark registration - product structure combination - packaging design - accessories selection

Suitable for: the company develops new brands, agents or distributors produce their own brands.

III. Service positioning:

Because each customer requirement for semi-finished products (quality | | skin feeling prices | | | color fragrance), the specific offer to deliver products according to the actual shall prevail. The company has low, middle and high grade products, suitable for all levels of consumption. Speak out your idea, can be tailored for you, until satisfied!

Wash - free gel manufacturers direct sales, you can visit the factory at any time!

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