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Guangzhou Fangli Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is a 17 years of experience, with rigorous manufacturing process OEM cosmetics, xiaozihao products, natural health care products quality OEM enterprises.

The company's products mainly involve health, beauty and skin care, daily chemical three fields, in the Greater China region and southeast Asia market to promote and research and development of a new generation of cosmetics and health products, based on the United States and Europe professional institutions certified raw materials, for the majority of brand merchants processing and production. Fangli is an advanced enterprise in the domestic cosmetics production and processing industry, enjoying a high reputation in the aspect of professional beauty products and health products processing, with more than 1300 users and a good reputation.

Cleaning wipes
Fang Li Company has 100,000 level standard purification workshop, the elimination of the name, makeup name production qualification and film powder production qualification, the main production and processing of Fang Sanatorium health category, eye care category, reproductive beauty treatment private class!

Disinfecting wipes: There are two kinds of disinfecting wipes. One is used for cleaning and disinfecting small wounds, such as scratches, cuts and scratches, and the surrounding skin. The main composition of the soaked liquid is benzalmonium chloride, which can be cleaned and sterilized in one time. The other is to have a broad spectrum of bactericidal effect, used for skin cleaning, moisturizing, disinfection, sterilization, can also be used in daily supplies, sanitary, can quickly and effectively kill staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, gonorrhoea dicoccus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, the leaching liquid for pure water, natural bactericidal components, aloe vera, lanolin, etc.. Special wet wipes for alcohol care and disinfection: the soaking liquid of special wet wipes for alcohol care and disinfection is pure water, cationic antibacterial and antibacterials, which can effectively and thoroughly clean the skin, and achieve the function of sterilizing, cleaning and removing peculiar smell.

Mosquito repellent wipes

Advantages of Fangli Pharmaceutical wipes:
1. Antibacterial and antibacterial functions: Our products have strong antibacterial and antibacterial effects.

2. Baby wipes formula: Designed for newborn babies, with PH close to baby's skin, no fragrance, no alcohol, and no pungent odor. In addition, there are female care wipes, isolation wipes, makeup removal wipes, and other standards, safety and health.

3. Wet wipes production workshop: 100,000 level-purification and dust-free workshop, medical-grade spunlaced non-woven cloth, packaging materials shall be strictly sterilized and put into use.

Guangzhou Fangli can solve the delivery time problem of wipes for customers in a short time. The business scope is from product research and development → formula design → sample production → production of finished products, to undertake samples, to formula production, demand customization, etc., welcome you to call, online consultation, do my best to give you a satisfactory answer.
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