Whitening Deep Hydration Body Lotion

If you broke a Body on the job, how to break a Body should be turned into a Lotion.
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Whitening Deep Hydration Body Lotion

Whitening nourishing moisturizing lotion

Product information

The name of the
Body Whitening Body Lotion
Net content
Body Care
Product series
Body lotion
Suitable skin types
All skin types

Main Body Lotion: Moisturize, stop itching and protect skin, maintain strong infiltration and absorption, contain a variety of natural moisturizing factors, moisturize with one touch, and soften skin tone.

Body Body Lotion selling point: Consisting of natural plant essence, double moisturizing and nourishing skin, with small molecular texture, can be easily absorbed, deeply nourishes the skin and at the same time, retain water for a long time, continuously build up skin water conservation barrier, and enjoy refreshing, refreshing and moist all day long.

Body Treat Body Lotion

Usage of skin lotion

1. Treat your skin with a cleanser first.

2, clean, let the essence of nutrition penetration.

3. After washing, smear with finger belly.

4. Apply from face to feet.

5. Properly add lotion to dry parts and knead.

 Body Lotion Body

Fang Li OEM series

Facial series:

Facial cleansing: Facial mask cleanser, facial cleansing cream, facial cleansing Gel, facial cleansing bubble

Skin care: cream, lotion, essence, liquid, men's care

Water: Toner, flower water, pure dew, toner, spray

Repair: Air cushion, foundation, foundation cream, BB cream, CC cream

Mask: water and light mask, silk mask, wash mask, tear mask, sleep mask

Physical care:

Hand protection: hand mask, hand cream, hand sanitizer, hand lotion

Foot protection: foot mask, foot cream, foot salt, foot exfoliator, foot massage cream

Reproductive beauty therapy: Private gel, gynecological spray, gynecological lotion, private condensation, mousse, crystal powder

Essential oil series: Compound conditioning oil, herbal single oil, single oil, compound oil, base oil

Cooperation mode: OEM, ODM (outsourcing materials, processing with supplied materials, sample processing, formula processing, etc.)

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