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Fangli Pharmaceutical has 17 years of experience in the research and development of cosmetics and health care products. Its main products include targeted female care gel series, health mud moxibustion series, hand sanitizer series, skin-level efficacy water cream, original liquid essence, facial mask and OEM customization of high-end beauty products and health care brands.
  • Wet wipes
    Wet wipes
    Natural plant formula, scientific ratio, mild antibacterial, upgrade the new formula
  • Essential oil
    Essential oil
    This column is the fragrant aromatherapy essential oil category of Guangzhou Fangli Pharmaceutical Technology Co., LTD., providing you with a series of display products of single essential oil, compound essential oil, basic essential oil, vegetable oil, body essential oil cover box, which can be wholesale and sold in large quantities, OEM processing and OEM licensing, welcome to consult!
  • Hand Wash
    Hand Wash
    Various types of hand sanitizer, professional sanitizer gel, customized processing, more customer approved antibacterial hand sanitizer OEM/ODM, essential fragrance for home
  • Body care
    Body care
    This column provides you with a series of body care products, body milk, massage essential oil, massage cream, skin lotion and other popular products, is the current customers like hot style products
  • Hair Care
    Hair Care
    This column for you to show the wash and care series of products, shampoo, conditioner, hair oil and other classic products, can provide a large number of wholesale and sales, welcome friends and customers to consult
  • Mud paste
    Mud paste
    This column for you to provide health products, mud moxibustion, mud film and other products, support a large number of daigou wholesale, welcome to consult
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Our company is a manufacturer with 17 years of experience in production, research and development, sales in one of the production enterprises
Our company is a manufacturer with 17 years of experience in production, research and development, sales in one of the production enterprises, "PURE NATURE BEAUTY" is our core concept. With a rigorous attitude of medical science and technology, the company selects natural high-energy raw materials to develop and manufacture anti-Bacterial products, cosmetics and life and health products. FairyAroma, Diliya, Atspa, PENTAPHARM and other brand products are sold in the whole country and even in the markets of southeast Asia, Europe and America. Since the establishment of the factory, we have invested in the construction of a 100,000-level GMP workshop, introduced new production techniques and equipment, carried out cooperation with many scientific research institutions, applied for a number of patents, developed a number of proprietary formulas, practice with nature and technology to lead the fashion. Thank you for your wise choice,Create brilliant with you!
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Guangzhou Fangli Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in providing OEM OEM one-stop processing services, launching 10 hot new products every month, to help you seize the market opportunity, more than 3,000 into the formula, one-stop OEM processing services.
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